The Founder

Catherine-6043Catherine Bercusson

Born Leeds, UK in 1951

My first influence was my father who painted as a hobby and taught all his children the rudiments of painting in oils. I am still primarily a painter but I am increasingly interested in working with different materials and am often surprised at how strangely direct and expressive the results can be.

The natural world is immensely important to me and appears in my paintings in different ways. It could be a figurative rendering of something, for example a rose, or the attempt to express a sensation as in falling leaves or running water. I am also interested in an exploration of the relation between things: how bodies impact on each other whether this is conceived as the workings of time or domination. This theme can be thought of in relation to the artist in the context they are work in; interaction with the natural world or encounters with other people.

Until recently I worked as a clinical psychologist and systemic psychotherapist. This background informs the way I look at and think about the world. It is a perspective that is relational and humanistic. What interests me in an artwork is its psychological or spiritual meaning and I am drawn to artists who manage to combine a critical insight with an empathy and lightness of touch.

I have not followed a formal art training but have studied with South African artists Claire Gavronsky and Rose Shakinovsky, first at the Leonardo de’Medici School in Florence and subsequently through participation in many of their workshops over the last 20 years. I have exhibited in a small gallery in Florence and the London Print Studio.

In my work I try to pursue a feeling, something I notice or an idea. Here are some examples of my work.