The residency is self funding but costs have been kept to the minimum. The rental for each resident artist is 210 euros per week. For those who wish to stay for a longer period the cost is 740 euros per month. Extra costs include the cost of food (roughly 40 -50 euros/week), electricity and gas (minimal in the summer). You will also be expected to contribute to the cost of petrol for the various visits to Florence and Siena.

The studio welcomes artists living in the surrounding area to join the residency on a non live in basis. The cost per studio space is 50 euros per week or 200 euros per month.


Artists are expected to bring their own materials (paint, brushes, canvas etc.). However there is a good art shop in Florence and some items (e.g. pencils, tape, glue, some paper and unprepared canvas, oil, turps etc) can be brought in the residency. The studio has a collection of basic tools, stretcher bars, materials for printing and some wood for those interested in carving..


Residents share the work of preparing food and cleaning up after meals. There is a possibility of arranging for someone to cook evening meals should residents to decide they would like to do this.The costs would vary but would be approximately 12-15 Euros per person per meal.

House car

We are trying to arrange a house car which residents can use. However at the moment the options are to share the rental for a car or to make use of the frequent lifts offered by the owner. These include regular trips to the local villages for shopping and occasional trips to Florence and Siena.


Museums charge for entry in Italy and residents can expect to pay approximately 15 Euros if they are over 25 and under 65. Tickets are free for the over 65’s and there are reductions for students and under 25’s as long as you can show a valid card.